Mask Filters Packs ~Sustainably made in NZ (5-Pack)
Mask Filters Packs ~Sustainably made in NZ (5-Pack)
Mask Filters Packs ~Sustainably made in NZ (5-Pack)
Mask Filters Packs ~Sustainably made in NZ (5-Pack)

Mask Filters Packs ~Sustainably made in NZ (5-Pack)

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In order to try make the most sustainable face mask, we offer a specifically designed HELIX.iso+™ replaceable filter that will fit snuggly in our mask.

These filters are a version of the class leading HELIX™ technology based on natural wool science.

The difference:

  • Uses natural renewable sustainable fibre
  • Provides increased protection for mask (Capture 80% of particles 3 micron and larger)
  • Based on technology trusted by NASA
  • Super easy breathing
  • Best efficiency in class
  • Made in New Zealand

Please note:

The purpose and intent is to provide an element which raises the particle removal performance of a cloth mask, thereby lowering R (or the rate of transmission of COVID-19) by giving an increased level of filtration without compromising breathing resistance and comfort for the user.

They are not designed to be a replacement for high efficiency filters such as N95 levels. This is because this level of filtration comes at the price of significant breathing resistance and user stress, and reduced comfort and therefore compliance.

Fitting a high resistance filter in a cloth mask will result in significant leakage around that filter, thereby reducing its effectiveness and increasing stress. (The higher the resistance, the higher the propensity to leak.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

-Can you wash the filters?

Filters are not washable because of the natural electrostatic properties of the wool to catch small harmful particles, its protein structure capture gases and harmful toxins and yet the fibre is bacteria resistant and flame resistant, but if in contact with water the electrostatic properties will be washed away.

-Are the filters compostable?

Yes, they are! Wool fibre grows naturally on sheep and is made of a protein called keratin, same protein in human hair. When left in damp environments such as soil for a prolonged period of times, wool will decompose.

-How often should you replace the filter?

If the Air Quality Index is between 100-150, we suggest replacing every 50 hours of usage, or 10 days if used daily. 

If you are interested in placing a bulk order please contact